Client: 3AF (The French learning society in Aerospace and Astronautics)

Le French Learning Society 3AF organises each year a dozen conferences in France and around Europe. My French Communication Agency is at their side to find the perfect venues for a number of these conferences. After Rome in 2016, the 2018 Space Propulsion Conference needed a destination to host 700 participants for a week-long event. We searched across Europe for various cities and venues that combined easy air access, relevant capacity for the conference and exhibition, as well a opportunities for evening events (cocktail and gala dinner). We prepared a comparative proposition of 3 destinations, and organised inspection visits. In the end, the Barcelo Renacimiento Hotel and Congress Center in Seville was chosen, and our teams went along to negociate the terms and details of the contract.

Our intervention:

  • Venue finding and pre-study on 3 destinations
  • Inspection visit in Sevilla
  • Negotiation of contract details with conference center, nearby hotels and other evening venues.