Your company is going global: what are the challenges for your internal communication?

23 mars 2018By JenniferBlog Articles, intercultural communication

Internal communication was long considered to play a secondary role in business organizations, an in-between HR and external communication, where no important impact would be made. However, the corporate world is changing. Employees are looking for meaning and belonging and internal communication is playing more and more a strategic role to accompany changes in companies. … Read More

Relation to time: different cultures, different approaches… many possible misunderstandings!

29 mars 2017By JenniferBlog Articles, intercultural communication

When working internationally or within multicultural teams, time issues often represent stumbling blocks and misunderstandings points. Beyond the clichés of the German riding on the schedule and Italians always being late, it is important to understand that the perception of time is strongly linked to the culture of each person, more or less elastic depending … Read More