My French Communication Agency worked with  the French learning Society in the field of Aeronautics et Astronautics (3AF) to organize the 2018 Space Propulsion Conference that took place in Rome from 14 to 18 May 2018. Space Propulsion is known to be THE international forum shaping the future of space propulsion.

Over 600 professionals from 20 different countries were present to assist in this 5 day conference : university and government membres, national space agencies and industrial manufacturers.  My French Communication Agency was the logistics coordinator of the entire event, which included plenary sessions, a 25 booth exhibition and several evening social events.

Our intervention:

  • Conference logistics : management of hotel, conference venue, audiovisual, catering, hostesses…
  • Search for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Logistics and exhibitor assistance on the exhibition part of this event
  • Online registration and invoicing of participants
  • Community Management of a dedicated Linked’In group
  • Cocktail at Alcazar Palace
  • Gala dinner for 600 seated guests in Hacienda
  • Spouse programme