End of February, the Communication Agency specialised in International Events, My French Communication Agency, organized an inspection visit in different European countries  to accompany a client in the choice of the location of a future conference. We had previously conducted a pre-study on 5 possible destinations (Nice, Vienna, Taormina, Rome and Athens) for which all the main selection criteria were met (air transport, quality of infrastructure, meeting rooms’ layout, gala dinner…). This study enabled the client to pre-select 2 final destinations for which we organised an inspection visit.

A person from the agency organised the logistical details of this trip and accompanied the client during the visits. During these 48h, we inspected different hotels and reception venues in Rome and Athens, visited restaurants and tasted local culinary specialties, in order to take into account what the destination really offers and if it lives up to the expectations of this conference.

Post-event, the agency realised an illustrated debrief and budgeting file, which will allow the client to make its final decision for the location of this international conference.

Our service:

  • Preliminary study of conference destinations – European capitals
  • Logistics of the tracking trip in Athens and Italy
  • Realisation tracking trip report for decision taking
  • Project management in English